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What's up? (live) 2005

Good Luck! 2002

Justly Furious 2000



We began our musical carrier in 1995, when we founded the Toluol punk band in Tatabánya. The members were

Hrivo Ferenc (Teke): vocal,
Darabos Tamas (Bogyo): guitar,
Mosolygo Zsolt (Mosi): basszus,
Vecsei Zsolt (Fecsu): drums.

That year we had our first appearance in "Defeat Rockclub" in Solymar city.
After that we had a lots of concerts in: Tata, Visegrad, Esztergom, Komarom, Mosonmagyarovar. The Toluol band broke up because of inner reasons in 1998.

Although the Toluol broke up, we didn't give up. In 1999, as the old band's continuation, we formed Kateter, with the following members:

Darabos Tamás Zoltán (Bogyó): guitar, vocal,
Delbó István: bass, vocal,
Pintér Tamás (Pimpi): drums.

At the beginning Bogyo played the guitar only, but because of the fact that we didn't have a suitable singer, Bogyo began to sing too. At the end of 2001 Pimpi left the band. Then Ekk Lajos entered the band.
This set-up has been fixed since then, although We had any outrider guitar players, but the base set-up was not changing:

Kelemen Ápri (Sergió) – 2005
Papp Albert - 2006

In 2008 Pityu has left from the band. The new bassman name is Ekk Robert. He is Lajos's brother.


We had our first concert in Tatabanya in the "Puskin Civilization House". Then it followed a lot more concerts. We went to: Ajka, Csolnok, Csongrád, Dorog, Dunakeszi, Dunaujváros, Eger, Esztergom, Fehérto, Godolo, Gyor, Gyorszentivan, Hatvan, Janossomorja, Kal, Kaposvar, Komarom, Komlo, Lengyel, Mosonmagyarovar, Nagyvazsony, Oroszlany, Osku, Paks, Pecs, Salgotarjan, Szakszend, Szeged, Szegvar, Szekesfehervar, Szombathely, Szony, Tapolca, Tatabanya, Tata, Tiszafured and Budapest. Till now we had around 170 concerts in Hungary.

In the summer of 2004 we were invited by the Albert Fish band in Portugal. The Iszonyat band from Tapolca came with us. In Portugal we had 2 concerts, one in Cascai (Lisabon's suburbia) and the other one in Ferreira do Alentejo.

In September, 2005 the german Pogoradio and Punkrock Guide Fanzine invited us to Mannheim, where we had a great concert with the Belfegoi band in an underground club, named Juz.

In 2006, We played several foreigner shows,  primarly in neighboring land. We went more concerts to Slovakia : Chikago Pub and "Mill Fest". We gave invite to Dobrohostba to the V. Punk Islandra.
We got first in Serbia, whereabouts We play in Zeppelin Club in Zenta.
In May We gave invite to Romania the No Mean's Band. We played 2 concerts in Romania (Timisoara and Lugoj).

By then 2007 We can playing in Slovakia regularly. (Kolárovó, Nové Zámky) and We got again to Romania  (Timisoara, Bistria).
In Jule we gave invite to the "Zentai Ifjúsági Napokra"  in Serbia, whereabouts we played a big shows front 600 men.
In October We made a tour (6 places) in Germany, in Poland and in Slovakia. (Bitterfeld, Berlin, Leipzig, Finsterwalde, Rybnik, Kolárovó)


In the summer of 2000 we went in studio and we recorded 16 songs. As a result, we released our first album, named "Justly Furious". The album was welcomed. You can get it especially at our concerts, but you can order it through our webpage, too.

In the summer of 2004 we went in the studio again, and recorded 14 songs. Our second album, "Good luck" was released in November 2002. The album was welcomed.

In 2005 we released an album called "What's up?" witch was recorded in 2002 in Kál during a concert. The album contains 20+1 songs from our earlier albums.

In Autumn of 2007 came up our 3rd album called : “MAN IS WOLF TO MEN” . The album contains 14 new songs.


Foreign and Hungarian underground critics wrote about us and made interviews with us. They appeared in many Hungarian newspapers, such as: Pokhalo, Napocska, Magyar Taraj, Radical Roots, Punkland, Skinbomb, Torz kitorés, Knucleduster, MyChaos and Punk & Skins zine. The German Punkrock Guide, the Slovak Warrior fanzine and Free Will published writings about us. We were asked questions by the PunkForum, Elvis Punk Site and Music magazine, witch are internet shop-fronts.



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